Alcoholics Anonymous on Kaua‘i  

(808) 245-6677

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The HOTLINE needs your help!
Slots are open for volunteers
Please contact the Hotline at 245-6677

E Komo Mai - Welcome

The Hotline is one of the most rewarding and important services our AA volunteer members provide to Kaua'i AA (IMHO).  We need alternates to cover vacations and other times, and occasionally fill an open slot.  Volunteers and alternates are emailed the latest  updates to stay current with what's happening in AA on Kaua'i.  Please email or call 245-6677 and add your name, phone number and willingness.  Mahalo!

Additionally, we need AA men and women willing to respond to 12-Step calls.  This may involve returning a call, or going with another AAer to visit a caller.  We request that you and your Group consider how best to serve this important function.  This 12-Step Call Volunteer form shows sample information to provide to the Hotline Chair.  Mahalo all for your service to Kaua'i AA.