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$20.20 for 2020 Challenge!

Aloha Friends,
As we can no longer pass a physical basket, how can we find ways to support the Fellowship at all levels, from our groups to Intergroups and Central Offices, from our Districts and Areas to the General Service Office itself. Contributions to our service entities are way down yet expenses continue. What are these expenses?

• Many home groups are still paying rent even though their meetings cannot convene. They are also providing online meetings on platforms that may have associated costs.
• Intergroup/Central Offices are still stocking needed literature and fielding Twelfth Step calls, redirecting A.A. members and those looking for recovery to online meetings.
• Area-level committees are working to keep channels open between the Fellowship and the delegates and board members that make up our General Service Conference, as well as to do public information, corrections and other service.
• G.S.O. in New York is continuing to support all levels of service. Literature still needs to be published and distributed, calls need to be answered, online platforms still need to be updated, and support operations sustained.

How Can You Help?

Kauai District 6 is hosting an island wide challenge for all members to contribute $20.20 for 2020 to help our service arms continue to function successfully during this unprecedented crisis. It costs GSO alone $8.00 per member per year to meet their expenses. This does not include the costs to run, District, Area, or Intergroup. So please,​ ​if you can​,​ participate in our island wide challenge and help us keep AA stable and consistent. .

Send your contribution to your home group’s treasurer or home group mailing address and on 8/1 all monies can be calculated and made with your home group’s regular disbursement to our service entities.
GSO’s recommendation is as follows:

10% to District 10% to Area
30% to G.S.O. 50% to Intergroup

If your group has an e-payment system you may send your contribution there. 

The HOTLINE needs your help!

Seeking an Alternate Hotline Chair

Slots open for volunteers
Participants NEEDED 

Please contact the Hotline Chair, David, at 245-6677


District 6 needs volunteers

District 6 needs Standing Committee Chairpersons

Contact DCM Janice for more info


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